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How To Repel Stubborn Rats With Natural Rat Repellents

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If you are currently dealing with a rat infestation, you already know what a headache it can be. These critters gnaw holes in bags, boxes, damage your garden fences, scurry through the walls all night long, and leave rat droppings everywhere. Once a home is fully infested, eliminating these critters really seems like an impossible task.

When you combine this with the fact that most traditional rat repellents are harmful to humans and contain toxic chemicals, the whole process will seem overwhelming. However, don’t get too discouraged just yet, because there are tons of natural, safe methods that can help you eliminate your rat problem. Below, you will learn about some of the most effective natural treatments for repelling rats.

Cleverly Repel Rats With Natural Rat Repellents

repel rats naturally

1. Plants That Will Repel Rats

You would be surprised to learn about the variety of plants that repel rats. Whether you are trying to eliminate rats in your home or garden, the following plants will prove to be greatly effective.

Peppermint – You probably think that peppermint has a pleasant aroma, but rats really dislike the smell. If you are dealing with a rat infestation in your garden, you can plant several peppermint plants in strategic locations to deter rats from the property. However, if you are trying to deter rats from the home peppermint oils are just as effective.

Spearmint – You likely already know that spearmint is a very powerful plant that produces an extremely powerful smell. In fact, you probably love the taste and smell or spearmint, but rats don’t. Whether you are trying to eliminate rats from your garden or home, spearmint can be extremely helpful. Just place several spearmint plants around the outside of the home or in the garden and this will create a natural barrier that not only deters rats, but also deters a wide variety of other critters.

Sagebrush – Sagebrush is very popular in the western part of the United States and it has proven very effective at repelling rats. It has a powerful, pungent smell that rats just can’t stand. If you have a sagebrush bush planted in the yard, you can use the leaves off the bush to repel the rats. If you don’t have access to the plant, sagebrush oils also work great.

2. The Use Of Human Hair

human hair

It is probably going to sound a little weird, but human hair is a very effective natural rat repellent. For some strange reason, rats can’t stand the sight of human hair. If they happen to eat it, they will die. All you have to do is gather a few strands of your hair, place it in rat holes throughout the home, and before you know it, your home will be rat free.

3. Using Cloves

When you think of cloves or smell cloves, you are likely filled with warm holiday memories. You might be surprised to learn that rats find the smell of cloves completely distasteful. You can use whole cloves, or soak cotton balls in clove oil and strategically place them around the home to deter rats. This technique works exceptionally well and poses no risks whatsoever to you, your children or your pets.

4. Using Aluminum Foil

Most people are really surprised to learn that aluminum foil can deter rats. It may be the combination of the noise, smell, or that horrible feeling that you get when you bite into it, but aluminum foil is a great natural rat repellent. If you know exactly where the rats are coming in, all you have to do is tear off some aluminum foil, wad it up, and throw it into the hole. You can even wrap your food containers and countertops in aluminum foil, if you suspect that the rats are getting to them.

Wrap Up

The ways to repel rat with natural rat repellents may look too good to be true but they work. However, you may not get instant result, if you want to see faster success with your desire to get rid of rats in your home, you may need to consider using any of the best rat repellents money can by right now.

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