best rat repellent for homes

Super Crazy Ways To Get Rid Of Rats Using The Best Rat Repellents

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Today, almost everyone is afraid of rats. As soon as you see a rat scurry across the ground, you’re going to feel your skin crawl. Your initial reaction will be to jump onto a nearby surface to escape the beast’s grasp. This wasn’t always the case. In fact, back in the days of the Romans, rats were considered to be a sign of good luck. Now, everyone is well aware of the fact that a rat infestation could be incredibly dangerous and could result in the spread of serious, life threatening diseases. Below, you will discover some of the craziest ways to eliminate rats using the market’s best rat repellents.

Get Rid Of Rats Using The Best Rat Repellents: See How

best rat repellent for homes

1. Playing Tom And Jerry

As a child, it is almost certain you watched at least one or two episodes of Tom and Jerry. While the poor cat was always on the receiving end of the abuse, the cartoon offers a wealth of great ideas for ridding your home of rats. Believe it or not, sticking with some of the most conventional methods is still effective today. Mouse traps were very common in the Tom and Jerry cartoon. Follow Jerry’s advice and set up a traditional rat trap for the pesky rodent wreaking havoc on your home.

best rat repellent

As long as you use a delicious block or slice of cheese, you cannot fail. Sadly, this method isn’t perfect, since you’ll need to dispose of the rat carcass once all is said and done.

2. Spreading Urine

Over the years, consumers have conjured up a handful of strange ways to keep rats away from their property. Some pull out their double-barrel shotgun, while others stick with traditional remedies. Sometimes, you just need to look towards Mother Nature for assistance. Rats might be terrifying to the average individual, but they’re afraid as well. In the wild, rats become prey to a wide variety of animals, including coyote, bobcats, and even wolves. Want to keep those filthy beasts away from your home?

Well, you’re going to need to get your hands dirty. Rats are surprisingly very intelligent. If they’re able to detect the presence of a predator, they’ll head in the opposite direction with haste. Therefore, you should invest in urine from a coyote, wolf or bobcat. There is no need to venture into the safari, since the urine can be purchased online. Put the urine in a spray bottle or water gun and let it rip.

Unfortunately, this can make the problem worse, if rats have already infiltrated your home. This will only keep them trapped inside.

3. Playing The Chemist

Have you ever wanted to be the evil chemist that creates deadly concoctions in your secret laboratory? In general, this would get you thrown in prison. However, some evil chemistry can actually be put to good use. Your local law enforcement isn’t going to mind, if you wind up removing a few rats off of the planet. In fact, they might reward you and your neighbors will do the same. So, what is the secret recipe for the most potent rat killer? You’re going to need some boric acid. Surprisingly, this type of acid can be purchased directly from your local, big box store.

Aside from boric acid, you’ll also want a little peanut butter. Mix approximately ¼ cup of Boric acid with a half cup of peanut butter. With the deadly combination, you’ll easily be able to eliminate a few pesky rats. Just form small balls from the concoction and place the balls near the rat’s hiding place. Before you know it, you’ll find dead rodents in your yard. If the infestation is severe, you’ll need a substantial quantity of acid. Also, it may not be a good idea to use this method if you have dogs or cats.

4. Mix With Human Food

best rat repellent food

Rats have a keen sense of smell, so they can detect a food source from quite a distance away. If you are trying to keep rats away from your home, while eradicating those that do venture past the invisible barrier, you will be forced to utilize rat poison. These rodents are actually pretty intelligent. In fact, they are so smart that they will refuse to eat specific types of rat pellets. So, if you find yourself dealing with a complicated rat, you should consider mixing the rat repellents with human food. By doing this you will be masking the scent of the poison in the repellents. The rat will consume all of the food, wander away from your home and die within 24 to 48 hours.

5. Disposable Bait Station

bait station

It is easy to deceive a rat that is looking for a food source and a home. A disposable bait station is perfect for those that get squeamish when a rat passes their path. These products are also great for individuals, who have small children living in their home. The rat will climb inside the bait station, consume the toxic chemicals and return to their nest. The rat will consume the required number of anticoagulants in a single feeding.

6. Locate The Nesting Places

When you detect a rat infestation you will need to start searching for their nesting places. Rats will chew a hole in a wall, food box, flooring or insulation to create a home. You should look for rat droppings and damaged structures, because this is a sure sign that a rat has been in the area. When you find the rat’s home, you can place a block of cheese, filled with rat repellants near the entrance. The rat will detect the food odors and come out when the area is safe to feast.   

7. Glue Board

Glue boards are the idea rattrap, plus you will not be left with a bloody mess of brain matter to clean up. Place a small piece of sweet potato, which is a natural rat deterrent, in the center of the glue board. The rat will not realize that the surface is sticky, so they will walk across it and get stuck their tracks. However, when utilizing glue rat traps, you will need to kill the rat, before placing it in a trash bin. Many experts recommend stomping on or hitting the rat’s head with a hammer and putting it out of its misery.

Wrap UP


Here we go, this is a robust guide to get rid of rodents using the best rat repellents in the market.

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