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Best Rat Repellent Reviews 2019: Crush Those Rodents!

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What the best rat repellent you need to crush those rodents before they get to you? In this article, we take a look at some of the best rat repellents you can get right now in the market!

There are a couple of rat repellents; rat repellent spray, rat repellent sound, rat repellent peppermint oil and other effective remedies that can get rid of rats in your home. The big question is which of them is the best rat repellent?

Therefore, the best rat repellent reviews is a robust resources of the major known best rat repellents that is both safe for your home and good for use.

Rat Poison Vs Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Most people don’t like rat poison because they kill rats and they are dangerous for their homes, especially when they have kids. The smell it leaves after the death of the mice is repulsive, and it may take a while before you find the exact location of the dead rat.

What is the solution?

Thanks to the super high-tech ultrasonic rat repellents, these sound repellents are electronically designed, meaning that they work smartly to repel rats from your homes.

The great take away is that you don’t have to confront these rodents or kill them; the ultrasonic sound generated from the electronic mouse repellent irritates rodents with its high frequency sound.

Once these rats get the sound frequency, there is no way they are going to get to your house. The ultrasonic sound simply tells them, don’t enter!

What is The Cost Of Electronic Rat Repellents

They don’t cost too much, but they are made from the finest engineering materials. You can get a good ultrasonic pest repellent from as low as $10 to $100.

The more complex the device, the more expensive it becomes. Therefore, the more complex ones will repel a larger variety of pests and will carry a higher price tag.

Now, these ultrasonic rat repellents differ in several ways, there is the plugin repeller which are really cheap compared to the corded electronic rat repellent. However, the plugin rat repellent require a least five units to cover your home and they cost about $10 each. Their sound does not travel far, that’s why you need to have many units and place them strategically in your home.

For the corded rat repellent, you will get a longer sound range frequency, but they are more expensive than the plugin pest repellent. They can cost anything from $25-$100 per unit. Don’t just look at the lower price tag, if you want something really good, you can place your bet on units that cost about $60-$70.

The reason is that a very good corded rat repellent should be around that price range; these units can cover 5000 square feet and give you complete value for your money.

Do These Electronic Repellents Device Work On Only Rats?

Electronic rat repellents work on an array of pests. There are some that work only to deter rats and are really cheap. A more effective and efficient ultrasonic rat repellent will repel mice, ants, spiders, cockroaches and even fleas and bats.

It all depends on your budget, the higher your budget, the better the chances of getting a sound repellent with varying degree of high sound frequency that will deter different kind of pests around your home.

Are They Safe For Household Pets?

There have been no cases of side effect with ultrasonic rat repellent on household pets like dogs and cats. Like man, these pets do not react negatively to the sound produced by electronic rat repellents. But in few cases, domesticated rabbits and hamsters could be affected. So, you have to check the warning label on the rat repellent you want to buy before making the move. These sign are very conspicuous, so you won’t miss it once you have the consciousness.

How Does Electronic Rat Repellent Really Work?

This is a very good question. I have often wondered how these smart devices really work without harming humans and our lovely pets. After a lot of digging, it was clear that this idea came from China.

Many years ago, when technology hasn’t gotten to the level it is today, some Chinese guys manually produced sounds with some kind of devices to repel bugs and pets from their crops.

Overtime, the technology got a reboot, companies started carrying out research to determine how best to make it work and discovered it can be very effective in repelling rodents without harming humans and pets.

Now, this technology uses ultrasound with a frequency higher 20000Hz. Humans can’t detect this sound, but it causes confusion to pests. So, they hear the sound, they quickly eject themselves from the location where the sound comes from.

In worse case situation, the pest could die. That is, if the pests are already in the environment and they can’t find an escape route, the ultrasound emitted with cause audiogenic seizure and convulsions leading to their death.

Best Rat Repellents Reviews: What Works

Here are the best rat repellents you can start using today!

1. T3-R Triple High Impact Mice, Rat, Rodent Repeller (Recommended)

best rat repellent reviews

  • It comes with three speakers with the ability to produce different ultrasound. Other rat repellent comes with two speakers make them less effective than this model.
  • One of the most popular rat repellents available in the market with tons of positive customer reviews daily.
  • This is a corded electronic rat repellent. This means that you will repel not just only rats but other pests from your home.
  • It covers 6000 square feet which is really awesome. This is the best you can get currently in the market with such a distance covered.
  • The company that makes this 6-foot rat repellent has an excellent customer service. If you are not getting result, they will communicate with you and give you free advice on the best approach to take. You may be placing your unit in the wrong location, and changing the placement to the nesting areas in your homes. Free tips like this changes a lot, and the company offer more than that.
  • They have been in the business of repelling rats for 15-years, so what better unit will you rather stick with? These are some of the reasons why it is our recommended rat repellent to chase that rat before it chases you out of your home! Click here to read our T3-R Rat Repellent Review.

Check Out Customer’s Review And Buy Now!

2. ET Pest Control (Mice Targeting System)

ultrasonic rat repellent

This is another handy rat repellent with a high impact ultrasonic sound. It can go into walls with its electromagnetic high impact repelling technology, repelling even the most stubborn rats in your home. This pest repellent also has the capacity to repel pests like bats, begbugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes and spiders.

The sound range covers 5000 square feet. The unit comes with two speakers, just enough to give you a great repelling coverage.

Ultimately, you can use this in large rooms, garage, attic and other similar places where rats are likely to nest. Even in the kitchen, that’s once place rats love to hide because of the food that comes out of that area in the house.

Check Price & Reviews of ET Pest Control

3. Victor M792 Heavy-Duty Sonic PestChaser Pro Rodent Repeller

Vector rat repellent

This is another corded rat repellent that emits high frequency sound that repels rodents from your homes. The sound it produces like other rat repellent cannot be heard with the human ear and non-rodent pets.

The Victor M792 ultrasonic rat repellent comes with different ultrasound which prevents rodents from adapting to just one sound wave. Using this rat repellent in large sized rooms won’t be a problem at all and it comes with two speakers also.

The price of this rat repellent is moderate, designed to specifications and equipped to get the job done.

Check The Price On Amazon Now >>

4. Victor M754 Mini PestChaser

vicotr chahser

This is one of the cheapest rat repellent you can get today. This does not cover large areas; you can only get effective result in using it in average size rooms, kitchens, garage, attics and basements.

This is for people who don’t live in large apartment, so the company created an option that still works like the The Victor M792 ultrasonic rat repellent.

This particular unit is designed with one speaker, the sound don’t travel far and fits into people with either low budget or people living in an average size facility.

Check The Price On Amazon Now >>

Bonus: Hoont Rat Repellent

rat repellent hot reviews

This is a new rat repellent in the market. It has few reviews but it appears to  get the job done like any other recommended rat repellents reviewed here.

The distance covered by this rat repellent is 50000 square feet. One cool feature is also the Blue LED night light it has, you can either switch it on or off. In one pack, you have two rat repellent units.

These units can repel different kind of pests like bugs, spiders, ants, bats and much more. So, it ‘s also a highly effective rat repelling device that you can get and start using today.

Click here to buy Hoont Rat Repellent

Merits and Demerits Of Electronic Rat Repellent


  • Eco friendly, you really don’t kill rats, you just repel or deter them
  • Replaces use of toxic chemicals and poisons which can harm you, your kids and even your pets.
  • They are very cheap and effective. The best rat repellents cost below $100 which is a good bargain rather than allow rats chase you out of your home.
  • Electronic rat repellents do not consume electricity and it’s a onetime buy. You don’t have to keep buying like you would do with rat poison tying to find out which works.
  • These rat repellents don’t just repel rats; they repel other pests making it an all-round-performer. You are literally using one stone to kill two birds.
  • When you have them in your home, guest won’t even know their use. They will see it as just another device which is cool, you are not giving the impression that rats are trying to chase you out of your home.


  • Some researches claim it doesn’t work, and if it works, it is for only a handful of pests.
  • Electronic rat repellent without only one sound wave get habituated by pests. They adapt to the sound frequency and carry out their nefarious activities like nothing is happening.
  • They have short-range. They are not really effective in covering a house. Therefore, you have to be strategic in placing the rat repellent unit.

Do Electronic Rat Repellent Really Work?

Based on the best rat repellents reviewed, you may have already concluded that they work but if you still have some kind of doubts, we are some scientific tests regarding the issue.

According to a study by Victor Pest Control using their in-house rat repellent, they discovered that the rat repelling unit effectively repelled rats from 13 sites out of 17 sites that were tested and the average number of days before rat activity stopped in the areas was 6 days. [Electronic Pest Control Study].

Another study released by KSU studies also show that ultrasound have a repelling effect on some pests. They study claim ultrasonic sound can’t repel ants and spiders, but could be effective against rats.

The End Point

Evidently, electronic repellents using ultra sound works, just that some companies have abused the term with bogus marketing. That’s the reason we have written the best rat repellent review which reveals actual users reviews that has so far been very promising.

You should only buy products from companies that have a large number of positive reviews from verified buyers. Even if a company wants to alter its reputation, it is impossible to get tons of positive reviews like that without raising the red flag.

Don’t just buy a rat repellent because it is cheap! No, that would be throwing away your money in the well, it’s better to critically look at the product you want to buy, determine its effectiveness and efficiency and you will discover that you only have add a few bucks to get a unit that really works.

Best Rat Repellent – The Final Verdict

The best rat repellent happens to be an ultrasonic rat repellent. We have already seen reasons why electronic rat repellents are better and an alternative option to rat poisons, or even the traditional rat traps.

Electronic rat repellent is a clean, green and eco friendly method of chasing rats out of your home. No smell, no death, no sprays, no poison. You don’t have to worry about a lot of things, like finding a rat if it eventually gets killed by a poison.

Above all, these best rat repellents option are very easy to maintain. They can last a whole year without problems. All you need to do is plug the device with an assurance that a nest of rat will not chase you out of your home. These are effective solutions to rat problems you can immediately make us of.

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